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San Francisco, CA 60 Propose Revisions
Palo Alto, CA 60 No business certificate required right now. On March 2, it will be and it will be online. Propose Revisions
Louisville, KY 50 Propose Revisions
Macon, GA 50 Propose Revisions
Providence, RI 50 Spanish and English language options easy to find. Easy to access but pdf guide for businesses ( All forms are pdfs. Error for FAQ business page ( results in “You are not authorized to access this page.” A more mobile friendly version of the site would be great - my phone had the full desktop version. The business tab was missing on when I looked on my phone. Propose Revisions
Central Falls, RI 50 After Cranston, this site was lovely and easy to navigate. I like that many pages had a comment section so people could contact departments that way (in addition to the email, phone, and mailing info). Making the pdfs easier to complete and submit online is my only suggestion. Propose Revisions
Blacksburg, VA 50 Propose Revisions
Norfolk, VA 50 Propose Revisions
Elk Grove, CA 40 Propose Revisions
Sacramento, CA 40 Printable PDF form Propose Revisions
Santa Clarita, CA 40 The city dose not require business licesning. All licensing is done via the County of Los Angeles Propose Revisions
Matthews, NC 40 Propose Revisions
St Louis, MO 40 could be made easier to navigate from home page. a google search does help pull up the page faster. Propose Revisions
Cranston, RI 40 An internet search with various related key phrases helps find the right link. Figuring this out from out from the City page was more difficult: you needed to figure out the department, and if you did, there was only phone and maybe the email contacts for a couple of people. The physical address for the city hall was there, but not the specific location of these departments. The information was only in English. The state website was better ( it had access to online forms as well as downloadable pdfs (I am unsure if this was just the state documentation). This site was also useful: Propose Revisions
Virginia Beach, VA 40 Propose Revisions
Nashville, TN 40 Propose Revisions
Boston, MA 40 Propose Revisions
Curitiba,BR 30 Propose Revisions
Portsmouth, VA  30 Propose Revisions
West Sacramento, CA 30 PDF application: mail or counter submission Propose Revisions
Raleigh, NC 30 Propose Revisions
South Bend, IN 30 Propose Revisions
Newport News, VA  30 Propose Revisions
Davis, CA 30 There is a printable PDF form Propose Revisions
Atlanta, GA 30 Propose Revisions
Roseville, CA 30 Propose Revisions
Warner Robins, GA 30 Propose Revisions
Cleveland, OH 30 This report is about becoming a vendor to do business with the city. In Ohio, the state licenses businesses. Propose Revisions
East Providence, RI 30 Website links to an offsite whole RI business page. Propose Revisions
Oklahoma City, OK 30 Propose Revisions
Newport, RI 20 Business application form found as a PDF, yet there is no info about where to physically submit it. Propose Revisions
Richmond, VA 20 Seems to be split between advice and Propose Revisions
Pittsburgh, PA 20 The Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections address is available. No hours are posted on the page. Propose Revisions
Oakland, CA 20 Propose Revisions
Suffolk, VA 20 site about reasons to start but no visible way to start a new business easily Propose Revisions
Pawtucket, RI 10 The website needs to be updated to be mobile and millenial friendly, I would restructure the home page to include popularly asked questions/ search query terms. make sure i have a shallow link structure Propose Revisions
Tulsa, OK 0 I couldn't find a page that can inform me about starting a business in Tulsa Propose Revisions
Tulsa, OK 0 I couldn't find a page that can inform me about starting a business in Tulsa Propose Revisions
Woonsocket, RI 0 Couldn't find this anywhere on the city's website. Propose Revisions
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