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Request a street light repair

Place Score Breakdown Link Details
San Jose, CA 60 Very simple and easy to report a problem Propose Revisions
Raleigh, NC 60 Propose Revisions
Nashville, TN 60 There are a couple of ways to get to this page, but there is a link under "Contact", "Contact 311 Customer Service" that takes you to the form to request "Street Lighting" repair. The same page doesn't come up on the first page of Google, but a relevant paragraph on another page comes up and a link to the form does as well. The translation services are provided by Google, which I think passes the language test. Physical contact information is a click away from the form, but a help desk phone number with hours is provided above the form. Propose Revisions
Norfolk, VA 60 Propose Revisions
Palo Alto, CA 60 Propose Revisions
Louisville, KY 50 Propose Revisions
Oklahoma City, OK 50 Propose Revisions
Newport News, VA  50 Propose Revisions
Elk Grove, CA 50 Propose Revisions
San Francisco, CA 50 Propose Revisions
Sacramento, CA 50 Sort of have to know to look under 311 Propose Revisions
St Louis, MO 50 CSB is also on twitter at @stlcsb - and I've seen people contact them that way! :) For google search "city st louis report a problem" brought me to the exact page. "city of st louis report broken streetlight" only gave me streets division website. Fortunately, you can also report a problem from the streets division page (yay!), but I almost didn't click on the page at all, thinking it wasn't what I was looking for. Some extra metadata so that google highlights ability to report an issue from streets dept page might be nice. Propose Revisions
Macon, GA 50 Propose Revisions
Matthews, NC 50 Propose Revisions
Virginia Beach, VA 50 This page isn't mobile friendly. However, VB Gov has a mobile app for this powered by SeeClickFix Propose Revisions
Boston, MA 50 Propose Revisions
South Bend, IN 40 Propose Revisions
Pittsburgh, PA 40 311 isn't necessarily an automatic connotation Propose Revisions
Portsmouth, VA  40 Propose Revisions
Blacksburg, VA 40 Third party service through town homepage Propose Revisions
Atlanta, GA 40 Propose Revisions
Santa Clarita, CA 40 Propose Revisions
West Sacramento, CA 40 Propose Revisions
Woonsocket, RI 40 Nice to be able to report online, however the form is limited to only certain complaint types. Propose Revisions
Warner Robins, GA 40 Propose Revisions
Central Falls, RI 40 Service is provided by National Grid, so I do not expect that there would be in-person hours with the city Propose Revisions
East Providence, RI 40 Overall, this website was one of the better city websites, but the page with public works info was very long. It would help if there were anchor links to subsections of the page. Propose Revisions
Providence, RI 40 This was incredibly easy to find from the homepage, but there's no info about what office provides the service or how you would get it in person. I don't know if this is really necessary for a streetlight repair, though. Propose Revisions
Curitiba,BR 30 Propose Revisions
Suffolk, VA 30 many websites have seeclickfix sites Propose Revisions
Roseville, CA 30 Propose Revisions
Oakland, CA 30 Propose Revisions
Richmond, VA 30 Richmond needs to choose one system. Either the CRS or SeeClickFix. The division between the two is way too confusing. Propose Revisions
Tulsa, OK 30 Propose Revisions
Cranston, RI 20 Propose Revisions
Cleveland, OH 20 Propose Revisions
Davis, CA 20 there is a public works page too, but no info on how to specifically report a problem Propose Revisions
Newport, RI 20 The actual destination is, linked to from the above URL. But I could only find that link using the search function. There's no link for reporting a problem or street light anything. Not even a heading for it. Just a small link at the top of FAQs, which itself isn't linked directly from the main menu. Propose Revisions
Pawtucket, RI 10 Propose Revisions
Warwick, RI 0 Could not find any information related to street light repair in Warwick. Searching within their site only led to me to PDFs with some info about bids to repair or install street lights. Propose Revisions
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