Request a street light repair



CSB is also on twitter at @stlcsb - and I've seen people contact them that way! :) For google search "city st louis report a problem" brought me to the exact page. "city of st louis report broken streetlight" only gave me streets division website. Fortunately, you can also report a problem from the streets division page (yay!), but I almost didn't click on the page at all, thinking it wasn't what I was looking for. Some extra metadata so that google highlights ability to report an issue from streets dept page might be nice.

Service Availability

  • Yes Can I navigate to it from the city’s homepage in three clicks?
  • Yes Does it come up in the first page of results on an internet search?
  • Unsure Is the webpage with service or information mobile friendly?
  • Yes Can I complete the service online?
  • Yes Can I find a physical space alternative with location and hours?
  • Yes Is the service available in the major languages used in your city?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data


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