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Service Score Breakdown Link Details
Contact Officials   30 Propose Revisions
Engage City Council   20 Propose Revisions
Use attractions & amenities   0 Propose Revisions
Make online payments   0 can't find any information about paying parking tickets Propose Revisions
File public safety report   10 Propose Revisions
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  Emily . Kugler
  1138 days ago
10 From the city site, you need to go to the police site. If you follow the links for contacting that department on the city’s site, you first to a page of phone numbers ( and if you click on “contact this Department” ( there is no contact information. Once on the police site, there isn’t a clear option for either filing a public safety report or reporting a stolen bike. Some links lead to a national (private?) service on reporting tips or seeing crime reports. “Forms” ( lacks a clear option. Using the police site’s search leads to a state list of forms (, none of which apply. Overall, you can request information about reports by downloading and printing pdfs. Actually reporting is a challenge. Reporting your cell phone’s been stolen seems to be a big priority for the site. Public Safety contact information (phone and email) is listed, but I can’t find the website within 30minutes. Also, it wasn’t listed in the main list of directories; you needed to find the directory. View Submission
Report a problem   20 Propose Revisions
Apply for a permit   20 physical visiting hours are listed but location is not. City Hall location should be listed at the bottom of every page. Propose Revisions
↳ Awaiting review
  1138 days ago
30 When I was searching for the permit application, I came across to this on the homepage "Please contact The Department of Inspections for information regarding work exempt from a permit as defined in The Rhode Island State Building Code" I believe It should have a link to make it easier to find the application View Submission
Start a legal business   40 An internet search with various related key phrases helps find the right link. Figuring this out from out from the City page was more difficult: you needed to figure out the department, and if you did, there was only phone and maybe the email contacts for a couple of people. The physical address for the city hall was there, but not the specific location of these departments. The information was only in English. The state website was better ( it had access to online forms as well as downloadable pdfs (I am unsure if this was just the state documentation). This site was also useful: Propose Revisions
Get hired   30 personnel page is very easy to get to but it ends there. Can't find job application or how to apply. ON ANOTHER NOTE: list ALL towns in RI with links to employment pages! Propose Revisions
Request public information   0 I can't find anything related to this on the city website. Propose Revisions
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