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  Year Up Providence
  1138 days ago
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File public safety report   10 Navigation links are odd. Some of them reveal a better description of the destination of the link on mouse-over, meaning I have to move my cursor over each in order to figure out where they go. Propose Revisions
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  1138 days ago
10 Navigation links are odd. One of them fades between two different text labels. At first I thought it was on-hover, which caused me to hover over the others to learn more. Confusing. View Submission
Report a problem   40 Overall, this website was one of the better city websites, but the page with public works info was very long. It would help if there were anchor links to subsections of the page. Propose Revisions
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Start a legal business   30 Website links to an offsite whole RI business page. Propose Revisions
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