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Contact Officials   50 The district attorney is running their own web site here: You can find is by going to > Services > Find Metro Departments > District Attorney > Visit Our Official Site. Propose Revisions
Engage City Council   50 Propose Revisions
Use attractions & amenities   50 Propose Revisions
Make online payments   50 Not super obvious how you get there from homepage, have to go through driving link Propose Revisions
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  Alex Phillips
  1219 days ago
60 Not super obvious how you get there from homepage, have to go through driving link View Submission
File public safety report   50 Propose Revisions
Report a problem   60 There are a couple of ways to get to this page, but there is a link under "Contact", "Contact 311 Customer Service" that takes you to the form to request "Street Lighting" repair. The same page doesn't come up on the first page of Google, but a relevant paragraph on another page comes up and a link to the form does as well. The translation services are provided by Google, which I think passes the language test. Physical contact information is a click away from the form, but a help desk phone number with hours is provided above the form. Propose Revisions
Apply for a permit   30 To navigate to the relevant permit information from Nashville's homepage, I had to know that most permits are issued through the Codes Department. It would be helpful if the "Living in Nashville" section of the home page linked to permitting and building. The online permit service appears to be geared more to developers than DIY homeowners. Propose Revisions
Start a legal business   40 Propose Revisions
Get hired   50 Propose Revisions
Request public information   30 Propose Revisions
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