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Contact Officials   60 Propose Revisions
Engage City Council   60 you've got to know that the city council is called the board of aldermen to find this. the calendar functionality seems to have a bug at this time, the link to list the future meetings seems to pull up the past meetings and I can't find information about the next meeting. Propose Revisions
Use attractions & amenities   50 Propose Revisions
Make online payments   60 there's a link right on the homepage ! really easy to get to the page ! Propose Revisions
File public safety report   20 Propose Revisions
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  Avi Ramu
  1394 days ago
20 googling "st louis city file police report" does not pull up pages from the city's website at the top. The city website doesn't seem to have information on how to file a police report. There are links to the police department however. View Submission
Report a problem   50 CSB is also on twitter at @stlcsb - and I've seen people contact them that way! :) For google search "city st louis report a problem" brought me to the exact page. "city of st louis report broken streetlight" only gave me streets division website. Fortunately, you can also report a problem from the streets division page (yay!), but I almost didn't click on the page at all, thinking it wasn't what I was looking for. Some extra metadata so that google highlights ability to report an issue from streets dept page might be nice. Propose Revisions
Apply for a permit   50 easy to get to if you (know to) look for departments/building permits Propose Revisions
Start a legal business   40 could be made easier to navigate from home page. a google search does help pull up the page faster. Propose Revisions
Get hired   60 Propose Revisions
Request public information   50 It is pretty hard to get to this page from the home page. Propose Revisions
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