Places / Virginia Beach, VA

Service Score Breakdown Link Details
Contact Officials   30 For this entry we search the City Attorney. There is not any address and hours info on the page provided. Propose Revisions
Engage City Council   50 Propose Revisions
Use attractions & amenities   40 Park shelter reservations cannot be made online. Library meeting room reservations can be communicated through email. Site wide Google Translate at top right Propose Revisions
Make online payments   50 Site wide Google Translate at top right Propose Revisions
File public safety report   20 Tried several search phrases on Google and - Propose Revisions
Report a problem   50 This page isn't mobile friendly. However, VB Gov has a mobile app for this powered by SeeClickFix Propose Revisions
Apply for a permit   50 Propose Revisions
Start a legal business   40 Propose Revisions
Get hired   40 Propose Revisions
Request public information   10 Found a link to a PDF FOIA request form on City Attorney's page. All other FOIA references are under /police. There are zero results for Propose Revisions
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  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data