Places / Warwick, RI

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Contact Officials   - Submit information
Engage City Council   - Submit information
Use attractions & amenities   40 Searching for reserving a public park allowed me to find Goddard Memorial and Pools, but it wasn't easy to find a single page from which to naviage to reserve a variety of public spaces. Propose Revisions
Make online payments   30 Propose Revisions
File public safety report   - Submit information
Report a problem   0 Could not find any information related to street light repair in Warwick. Searching within their site only led to me to PDFs with some info about bids to repair or install street lights. Propose Revisions
Apply for a permit   30 That you could only print out the PDF form to apply for the Permits but you could not submit the paper work online. Propose Revisions
Start a legal business   - Submit information
Get hired   10 website:; info for jobs is hideden under departments: personel and only $10/hr lifeguard positions are listed. VERY SAD INDEED Propose Revisions
Request public information   - Submit information
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